A cry for justice from Newtown

282920_310991072353391_885757317_nThe faces of the victims of the Newtown massacre (copied from the FB wall of Tim Tebow) make us cry out for justice. The suicide of the gunman leaves that out of our reach now. We will have an unrequited need for something to be done, some closure or restoration to enable healing and recovery for those affected. That is precisely what God initiated in sending Jesus.

How? He offers mercy to all who fear him from generation to generation. Those who take refuge in Christ (by entrusting themselves to him) stand behind him as he propitiated God’s judgement against their sin. Those who reject that offer of mercy in Christ will stand alone as God judges their sin. And, to whom much is given, much shall be required. That gunman was given much, and he took much more and for eternity he will experience the full just reward for his actions.

This is not a cause to gloat or angrily stomp on his grave, because as one has many times before, but for the grace of God… To look at these faces and wonder, what price shall be paid by the one who took them away prematurely is also to invite the question of what price has been paid so that they, and you, might rest in God’s mercy? Cry out for justice. Makes changes to increase the safety and protection of children, but remember to rest in the mercy of God.