The sky is falling?

During Creation week, on Day 4, God began to fill the world he had formed on Days 1 to 3. The first act of filling was to provide government of the time and seasons. Leaders and political powers are represented throughout the Bible in the same way. They are ruling lights that oversee the lives of men. The fall of a political power is often described in apocalyptic imagery that mentions stars falling from heaven, sun darkening etc (Gen 37:9-11, Isa 13:9-13, Matt 24:29).

When this type of language and imagery is used in the New Testament there is no reason to expect a different intent. Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped a few ‘Chicken Little’s’ from getting all excited making sci-fi type doomsday predictions. What makes for entertaining escapism at the movies or bedtime stories doesn’t create good theology 😦

Because he built it, he will fill it

Is the world around us a mistake or an accident? If God made the world and everything in it, did Adam and Eve somehow upset everything and cause God to revert to “Plan B”?

The kingdom of God on earth started in Eden with the days of creation in Genesis 1. God sets the universe in motion and provides a template of forming and filling used during the entire Bible story.

The first stage of the 7 day pattern relates to new life. It starts with God speaking and his Word gives life. The way we receive faith and start our spiritual life is through God’s Word. (Rom 10:17, 1 Pet 1:23)

The seven day creation consists of 3 days of forming parallel to 3 days of filling*. In the same way you would build shelves in your house. First you erect the frame and then you fill the shelves with your belongings. The belongings don’t replace the shelves, they fill them. The New Testament did not replace the Old Testament, it filled it. (Matt 5:17-19, Heb 3:1-6)

The final day of Creation is a day of Rest, it anticipates our future and the rest that God desires to give us. (Matt 11:28-30, Heb 4:9-11)

Forming (by dividing)

Day 1 – Light & Dark

Day 2 – Firmament – Divided Waters (Sky & Sea)

Day 3 – Land & Sea, Grain & Fruit plants

Filling (with multitudes)

Day 4 – Sun, Moon & Stars

Day 5 – Swarms of Birds & Fish

Day 6 – Land Animals & Man


Day 7 – Stop, Rest, Hallow & Enjoy

(*Bull, Bible Matrix, pp.46-47)