Bethlehem Star Found

Apparently some scientists have used astronomical forecasting data to identify a bright star above the Middle East about 2000 years ago. Imagine that! I, personally, think it’s very cool! I was listening to a talk yesterday by an Aussie guy, Al Stewart (pastor of a Church in Wollongong), discussing these sorts of scientific “discoveries” and how they might cause us to reflect on God’s abiding control of the universe.

Increase in knowledge like this is probably intimated by a comment in Daniel. It certainly doesn’t undermine the miraculous nature of the event. We understand that God, as creator, orchestrated the universe to align at the precise point in time so that astronomers (Magi or “Wise men”) would be directed to Israel to visit he who is born King of the Jews!

Understanding the scientific process behind the event does not lessen its significance. It makes, me for one, appreciate that if God can distribute the stars and planets to point the way to Christ, then he can also:

  • direct my daily life
  • answer my prayers
  • provide me an income
  • send people into my life with whom I can build evangelistic relationships
  • watch over my loved ones
  • influence government and world leaders
  • build the church
  • redeem people to himself