So long and thanks for all the fish

Those familiar with Douglas Adams, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, will recognised the phrase in the title.


For anyone who has read this blog and benefited in any way, thanks for your time.

In a few hours I am archiving the contents and deleting the blog.

I will be using a professional portfolio for any future publications. This will only be available to prospective employers and accreditation organisations.

That means the trolls will have to find another target to feed the dog shit that replaced their soul. Good luck with that. May the blowflies of a thousand fresh cow patties infest your meals and your dreams forever 😛

Goldcrown and Bill Cosby

Early in 2007 I had a restorative crown put onto one of my back teeth. goldcrown.jpgDuring the process, a temporary crown was installed for 2 weeks, but it broke off when having lunch one day. When I returned to have the permanent, gold, crown installed, the Dentist had said that the cement used is much stronger etc etc so eating steak etc would be OK. However crushing ice or chewing hard caramel might not be such a good idea. Nevertheless, I had quite a surprise last week when enjoying a Fantail and suddenly feeling my crown rolling around in my mouth!

So it was off to the dentist to have it repaired and re-installed. Fortunately, the crown was undamaged and after a clean (the dentist called it “sand blasting”!) was successfully repaired. Whilst there I had an examination to check my other teeth and also a calcium scrape to clean them.Then today, saw this on Kevin DeYoung’s blog! It’s very accurate! Kind regards to my dentist (who is excellent by the way!) and my dentistry friends (hopefully you’ll still be my friends after this…) 🙂