The author of the blog, me, ;) is interested in a variety of topics and you’ll see anything from trivial fun to comments about technology, media or bible related discussions. I spent 20 years working 2 simultaneous careers. One in (mostly) IT&T, the other as a Baptist Preacher serving throughout Sydney and NSW. In 2009 I was invited as full time Lead Pastor of English Ministries at a Chinese Church in NSW. I spent 3 years there and 3 years leading another Church.

Nowadays I work in IT&T, cycle and do some part-time post-grad study. My research interests vary but are mostly in Old Testament, particularly the influence of late editors and writers upon the shape of the Bible stories about how the monarchy developed and declined.

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I don’t get many comments on the blog, but I do like interacting with readers. I even welcome dissenting views. But I won’t tolerate trolls – i.e. people who comment only to make personal attacks or are trying to sell something – their comments will be deleted :)

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