This is a personal blog of a Christian husband and dad. I have been serving in independent Churches in Pastoral / Teaching roles (both paid and volunteer) for over 25 years (including time in East Africa teaching the Bible, starting medical clinics, children’s nursery schools and training local pastors and Church planters).

Because it is a personal blog the content and emphasis varies. It has everything from trivial fun to detailed bible teaching. Some of the recurrent ideas I am passionate about include:

  • understanding the gospel and how it applies to all of life (rather than being yet another religious belief without practical implications)
  • care and protection of at-risk children through education, advocacy, sponsorship, domestic and international adoption
  • raising awareness of, supporting & promoting social justice locally and globally
  • local Church leadership, pastoral issues and culture

There have been many Christians in history that have explained or clarified key teachings of the Bible. Today, we stand on the shoulders of those who have fought the battles for truth before us. So it’s a wise and humble thing to learn from them. As a starting point, I fully affirm the NSW & ACT Baptist Churches Statement of Faith.

If you wish to contact me regarding family camps, church seminars, youth meetings etc to speak on any of these topics email me to discuss your plans further.

I also have a blog that I’m planning to write about Baptist Churches in Australia. It’s called Under the Water.

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