The author of the blog, me,😉 is interested in a variety of topics and this is where I write about some of them. I spent 20 years working 2 simultaneous careers. One in IT&T, the other as a Baptist Preacher serving throughout Sydney and surrounds in NSW Australia. I also spent some time teaching and training locals in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda from 1997-2001. In 2009, I served as a full-time Lead Pastor of English Ministries at a Chinese Church in NSW. I spent 3 years there and 3 years as senior/solo pastor in another independent Community Church.

I do not presently update the blog very regularly. It is a place where I can post things that are either too long for other social media or that I want to distribute to a broader audience than usual.

I don’t get many comments on the blog, but I do like interacting with readers. I even welcome dissenting views. However, I won’t tolerate trolls – i.e. people who comment only to make personal attacks such as the Star Wars fan-freak and his friends from Sydney that enjoyed their little slander fest throughout 2015. Comments like theirs will be deleted🙂

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