Everything You’ve Got

There isn’t much worthwhile in life that happens without effort.

Listen to the way Paul speaks of effort in Philippians 3:12 & 13: “I press on, straining toward the mark… I press on to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Can you feel the intensity of Paul here, his determination?

Press on” in the Greek literally means “I over extend myself. — I go for it with all I’ve got. I throw myself into it, straining with every nerve and and muscle to reach the prize.” He’s a man of intensity, maximum effort. No gain without pain. That’s the way to live!

Can you stop for a moment and imagine what would happen if Christians would put as much energy into serving Christ as they do into making money or their favorite sport? Would you commit as much time to pursuing Jesus as you do tutoring or learning how to play PS3, Nerf-Guns, Golf, Ping-Pong? Hiking? Shopping in Hong Kong, Korea or Japan?