The practice of the cross

by Michael Mckinley

We are called to be like Christ. How so?  We’re not Jewish itinerant preachers.  We’re not saviors of the world. But when the Bible talks about our similarity to Jesus, it talks about us taking up the cross like he did.

Ways we practice the cross

  • Sacrifice
  • Submissions
  • Self-denial
  • Service

The cross informs the way we live. Not “WWJD” but “WITWOTCITS”  (What is the way of the cross in this situation?).

  • Selflessness — Philippians 2
  • Perseverance in suffering — I Peter 4
  • Generosity — II Cor 8, I John 3
  • Patience with other believers —  Romans 1
  • Humble leadership — Mark 10

In a sense, every small act of service is a preparation for martyrdom in that it’s a dying to self.  Many of us would die for Christ but won’t clean up after other Christians joyfully.