Saying “Hello” isn’t a welcome

I’ve just finished watching this video on “Welcoming”. It focuses on helping Churches be more tuned in to how to make visitors come back, settle in and make themselves at home in your Church.

I’ve been to lots of Churches where the welcoming/greeting was lousy, even a bit cold. I might even be guilty of behaving the same way myself when I’ve been at the front door. But most of the churches I’ve visited, including my own, are usually, very good at greeting. But, as you’ll see in this video, saying, “Hello, here’s your bulletin” isn’t a welcome.

Imagine if you went to a new retail shop that just opened. As you walk through the door, some staff step up, hand you a catalogue and say, “Hi, here’s the stuff we’re selling.” That’s it! Nothing more. No directions, no help finding your way around, or pointing out some of the specials or unique services available, just shove a bit paper in your hand and leave you to yourself. Would you go back?

Saying, “Hello” isn’t a welcome. What have you seen or done in your Church or elsewhere that has made welcoming more, well, welcoming?


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