Book Review of Bible Matrix

Want a crash course in Biblical Theology?

Are you sure?

It might be easier than you think. 4 years of Bible College, followed by another 2 – 3 years at Seminary? Yeah, maybe. What if I told you, all you need to do is get your head around what happened in Genesis 1? Genesis 1 unlocks the Bible – this is the thesis of Mike Bull’s Bible Matrix. (It’s also on Kindle)

It’s a small book that will take only a few days to read, or weeks, depending on your reading pace. What Mike draws out, very well, is that there is a recurring pattern and theme throughout scripture. When you identify this pattern – it ties all the pieces together. Here’s my big thing with this book: If you read it, you will want to read your Bible more often and more thoroughly. That alone is enough of a recommendation – regardless of whether I agree in entirety with all of Mike’s conclusions and implications, he has given me a tool (that I use often!) that encourages me to read my bible and, hopefully, lead others to do the same.

There are lots of books out there that purport to give the big picture in 40 days and so on. Why is this one any different? Below is a video comment by a teacher, followed by a 12 year kid who explains what he learnt about the days of creation from reading Bible Matrix. NB: the kid starts talking at 4:18

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4 thoughts on “Book Review of Bible Matrix

  1. I think most know about the correlation of day 1 to 3, 2 to 4, 3 to 6 – but many miss that the pattern of forming then filling and the 7 step process from creative word to glorified rest is found throughout scripture.

    There is a deliberate design in the way both the entire Bible and every narrative within it is structured (usually in a chiasm) to show how God moves us into maturity and leads us to his glory.

    It starts in Genesis 1, is re-enforced in the 7 feasts of Israel and repeated in history, the gospels, life of the Church and our eschatology.

  2. Interesting, that digram looks really similar to a digram I remember in our Year 7 Christian Studies class.

    Where our teacher was explained to us how there is a pattern to creation.

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