Does your Walkie match your Talkie?

The Walkie-Talkie is a military invention that provided mobile and remote communication. Command could relay orders instantly to troops and they could request assistance or provide feedback. It allowed you to walk into battle whilst talking to and listening to your commander.

My brother and I used to play with walkie-talkie’s as kids. We fiddled the frequency so we could pick up the CSR Locomotive drivers across the river from our house. Although we couldn’t talk to them it was fun to listen in on their conversations and pretend. Unfortunately, there are Christians, that do little more than pretend. They may listen at Church or read the bible occasionally, but it’s not for the purpose of receiving and carrying out the commander’s wishes! The Bible is just a collection of inspirational calendar quotes and Jesus is an example of nice tolerant living.

Taking Ruth Paxson’s outline of Ephesians, Dan Keegan of Word of Life-Australia recently preached on 3 characteristics of our Christian walk from Chapter 5 that prompted the following:

The “walk” is inclusive of  our character, behaviour, speech, decisions, attitude, and relationship with Jesus as demonstrated in our relationship to others. The progress in your life will flow out from the previous investment you have received from the wealth of Christ. How do you assure yourself that you are in Christ? How do you know you have received the adoption spoken of in Ephesians Chapter 1? Well the evidence is shown in your “walk”. These 3 characteristics are both commands and consequences of following Christ. Do they represent you or are you “just pretending”?

1. Walk in Love 5:1
Those who imitate God’s sacrificial love don’t imitate perverted forms of love and are protected from deception that comes from the addictions of pornography and adultery. We need to understand and define love in terms of God. We must not define God in terms of what we think love is. God is not immoral and impure etc (v3) therefore real love is not these things. It doesn’t worship the human body and seek to gratify it’s own appetites. This is the most common form of idolatry – the belief that I am god and my wishes must be met.

2. Walk in Light 5:8
Light, by it’s nature exposes what is otherwise hidden by darkness. A mature Christian will seek to please the Lord as a priority, and as a result is able to understand and anticipate the obstacles and distractions and avoid them.

3. Walk in Wisdom 5:15
Decisions that make much of God’s glory are possible when we fill our minds with God’s Spirit and God’s Word.

The source of wisdom and the knowledge of God’s will comes from the scriptures. If your spiritual walkie-talkie is on and you’re not just pretending then you already know what God’s will for your life is. It is to delight yourself in him and he will give you the desires of your heart.