Great ministers make a great church

Great “ministers”?! But what or who is the minister? It’s NOT the pastor!

Eugene Hor explains:

It’s striking that the Bible never measures a church’s maturity or strength or power or health or success by 1) it’s music, 2) it’s gifts, 3) it’s pastor, 4) it’s size, 5) what kind of ministries it offers or 6) it’s building.  The Bible measures a church’s maturity by the measure by which all God’s people are being equipped to serve, and are actually serving to make Jesus their shared treasure as a church, and whether he is filling everything in their lives.

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2 thoughts on “Great ministers make a great church

    1. Even the “not-so-great” ones 😉
      Train em up & send em out!

      I would even add that a good sign of a healthy church is a regular turn-over of those “ministers”. i.e. New growth coming in from people getting saved & as people mature they either become the next generation of trainers or are sent out to start new (or struggling) churches.

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