Beholding and becoming

Sydney Pastor and Church Planter Eugene Hor is blogging again. I recommend you add his blog to your RSS Reader. Here’s an except of a recent post about “How Do You Fill Your Life With Jesus To God’s Glory & Your Joy?”

Paul tells us that it is as we ‘behold’ Jesus in his glory or supremacy that we become more like him.  In fact, it is as we ‘behold’ Jesus that the Holy Spirit works that transformation in our lives to bring God glory and increase our joy in Him, by transforming us and filling us with Jesus.  Notice that the great work of the Spirit is to so exalt Jesus in my life that I am filled with Him and am becoming more like Him, as I make Jesus my all consuming vision in life to his praise and my joy.

… when you open the Bible to read it, make it your goal to see Jesus more and more – the goal must be to see Him in his supremacy, to grasp and know the infinite treasure that he is, to see the fullness of the gospel as it centers on the glory of God in the face of Jesus.  Make this your prayer every time you read your Bible: I want to know and see you Jesus in the Bible. One thing I seek, to be in your presence, to gaze upon your beauty (Psalm 27:4).