the way of peace

A pivotal point addressed in the Canons of Dort concerns our nature and condition apart from God. Sometimes referred to as ‘Total Depravity’ or ‘Total Inability‘, it is a summary of our condition before God as human beings and how God extends his grace to set his love upon us and redeem us to himself for his glory and our eternal joy.

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Ephesians 2 tells us clearly we are “dead in trespasses and sin”. A dead person cannot help themselves, they cannot do anything to better their condition – UNLESS – they experience a resurrection (given new life). Jesus told Nicodemus, “you must be born again” (made alive by God) in order to see the kingdom of God. Romans 3, quoting from Psalm 14, Paul gives a summary of

our fallen condition as unrighteous, not seeking God, and not desiring God’s goodness. As a result in Romans 3:17 “the way of peace they have not known”.
Ours is an entire or radical corruption that is in every part of our being and requires the direct intervention of God in the person of Jesus and power of the Holy Spirit – or else we remain spiritually dead, without life and without hope.

Apart from Jesus, we cannot know the way of peace.