Granted the Permission of Sins

When God, through His grace, grants us forgiveness of sins without our merit, so that we need not purchase it or earn it ourselves, we are at once inclined to draw this reassuring conclusion and to say: Well, so we need no longer do good!—Therefore, in addition to teaching the doctrine of faith in His grace, God must constantly combat this notion and show that this is not at all His meaning. Sins are assuredly not forgiven in order that they should be committed, but in order that they should stop; otherwise it should more justly be called the permission of sins, not the remission of sins. (Luther, Sermon on Romans, Chapter 8, WA 22, p. 132; WLS I, p. 520 in Oden, T. C. 1989. Ministry Through Word and Sacrament (149–150). Crossroad: New York)