Monday to Saturday Christianity

In a series of video interviews with Dr. Max Rogland, Old Testament professor at Erskine Theological Seminary and author of the Ecclesiastes study notes in the ESV Study Bible, Jeremy Carr asks:

How does Ecclesiastes help us live as the church on mission in our culture?

Some quotes from Rogland:

“It’s a Monday to Saturday book. … It’s about life at home, at work, down at the park with the kids and neighbours.”

“It’s a great conversation starter. Many are surprised about how brutally honest the book is. … It’s about real life. … It forces you out of the Church doors into the world.”

Cliche Christianity comes easily on Sunday’s when you’re listening to preaching/teaching. Your transparency and integrity shows up on Monday to Saturday. If your family or colleagues were asked what you believe about the gospel based on how you live Monday to Saturday, what would they say?


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  1. Just reading though Ecclesiastes. Good observation. The idea of the practicality book is spot on. Enjoyed the video. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

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