God’s Providence Prevails

Reformers opted for “The Glory of God“. John Piper has “God is most glorified by us when we are most pleased in Him“, Graham Scroggie had ‘The Unfolding Drama of Redemption‘, for Erickson it is the ‘Magnificence of God‘, my theology professor had ‘God’s redemptive story‘ as his unifying theme.

I chose, “God’s Providence Prevails“.

Recently my wife also asked what our family motto might be if we had one. I suggested – “God’s Providence Prevails” as a foundation upon which to secure hope, faith and direction as a family. She also asked me to list the reasons why and I came up with the following:

1. It attributes the source of success and happiness to God not ourselves
2. It recognises the hand of God at work in our lives
3. It avoids a fatalistic worldview
4. It avoids a humanistic worldview
5. It surrenders the ultimate control and outcome to God
6. It is grounded in Scripture
7. It is not being naively optimistic – i.e. things always work out for the best – rather things always work out for God’s best/glory.
8. It re-enforces a life of faith
9. It does not avoid individual responsibility – rather enables or encourages us to pursue life with our best efforts, knowing that God is guiding and protecting us to ensure He is the one who is glorified at the end.
10. It encourages a pursuit of education and increase in skills that can be used by God in the lives of others
11. It promotes a positive (& confident) view of missionary enterprise and Church planting
12. It endorses a love of travel – to view the outworking of God’s Providence throughout history
13. It encourages a study of history and culture – past, present & future – again to view God’s providence at work in society on both a cultural and individual level.

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