Adoption Myth #8 – You have to be rich to adopt

National Adoption Awareness Week aims to demystify the issues around adoption, raise awareness and acknowledge all parties in adoption. Part of that aim is to dispel the “Myths of Adoption.

Adoptive parents in Australia identified the top ten myths they have to deal with when talking with family, friends and passers-by in the shopping centre that can’t resist asking “Whose child is that?

MYTH #8 – You have to be rich to adopt.
FACTS – Your resources as a parent are far more important than your finances but you must be able to provide for a child and family. Not all adoptions are expensive.

Somewhat akin to Myth’s 5 & 7. The primary “qualification” for adoption is a willingness to love and learn – about being a parent, about your child’s background, history & culture. There’s been a lot of negative publicity about the “cost” of the adoption process in Australia. No-one seems concerned about the prohibitive costs of biological children, yet adoptive parents don’t get the same recognition and support as biological parents. e.g. most adopting families do not receive the national baby bonus – this is an area of potential discrimination demonstrating an anti-adoption culture we need to change in Australia.


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