Adoption Myth #6 – Celebrities fast track adoption

National Adoption Awareness Week aims to demystify the issues around adoption, raise awareness and acknowledge all parties in adoption. Part of that aim is to dispel the “Myths of Adoption.

Adoptive parents in Australia identified the top ten myths they have to deal with when talking with family, friends and passers-by in the shopping centre that can’t resist asking “Whose child is that?

MYTH #6 – Celebrities/ famous people can fast track the process of adoption.
FACTS– Adoption isn’t about fame or fortune. Its about providing families for children. The Hague Convention ensures we all follow the same guidelines in the best interests of the children.

This one is actually laughable. It is usually made in reference to the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Anyone adopting via a country signed to the Hague Convention follows exactly the same process. Locally, the Australian process takes longer than the American or UK process. This needs to be changed! Due Diligence is exercised in both America & the UK (per requirements of Hague etc) – but Australia has a burdensome process that has resulted in excessive legislation within the departments responsible for managing the process. One of the aims of National Adoption Awareness is to encourage the Australian State departments to improve these processes – so children are not disadvantaged and adoptive parents are no longer discriminated against.


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