Adoption Myth #3 – Adoption is a 2nd best option

National Adoption Awareness Week aims to demystify the issues around adoption, raise awareness and acknowledge all parties in adoption. Part of that aim is to dispel the “Myths of Adoption.

Adoptive parents in Australia identified the top ten myths they have to deal with when talking with family, friends and passers-by in the shopping centre that can’t resist asking “Whose child is that?

Myth #3: Adoption is a second best option / choice
FACTS – This is akin to racism or sexism for an adoptive child to hear. The child you parent is your child and is loved and chosen. Many people actually choose adoption instead of having a biological child. Many parents have biological and adopted children. They are all their children.

It is somewhat ‘amusing’ (to use a mild term) to hear people ask, “Why don’t you try IVF?” or similar. Their implication is the adopted child is somehow inferior because DNA isn’t shared. In our case, we never tried IVF. It wasn’t an option for us. We wanted to adopt. There are far too many children without families waiting for adoption. For us, adoption was the FIRST choice. We have friends in the adoption community who are fertile, single, married, already have biological children etc. For each of them, adoption was a deliberate decision not a last resort.


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