The Waiting City

A family formed and forged upon a foundation of love will have an advantage over any other. Often couples make the mistake of thinking a child will save their relationship. Inevitably, though, once the child arrives, the problems do not depart and the relationship continues to break down damaging all involved.

The Waiting City‘ is due for release in Australia July 15, 2010. It explores the relationship of a couple who travel to India to adopt a child. Regardless of the means used to form your family (biological or adoptive) if your relationship with each other is not secure then adding a family member isn’t going to solve anything.

One of the greatest gifts, any parent can give to any child is a secure loving relationship with their spouse. Aside from the stability and security it provides to the child, it also ensures that the couple are not relating to each other solely out of their mutual concern for their children. Rather, as you “cleave” to one another, the love that results generously nourishes the children and is sustained until death you do part.