Coast Men’s Convention July 3 2010

A mate of mine is on the Board for the Coast Men’s Convention held on the Central Coast just up from Sydney. The theme this year is “Band of Brothers”. John Chapman is the main speaker. There are also a number of break out sessions available covering topics such as:

  • How to have an affair (how not to!) Ian Barnett
  • Rites of passage (from boyhood to Manhood) Steve Allen
  • Depression (we each face it in one way or another) David Lienert
  • Secret Mens’ Business Bob Silberman
  • Spark up your marriage (we can all learn in this area) Tony & Julie Heywood

You can each attend 2 seminars, unless you elect ‘How to have an affair (how not to!)’, which is a double length session.

Here’s a copy of the promo video.