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02 Apr

Yes, if you were looking for “God is My Constant”, you’ve found the right place. It was time for a change, so I have updated with a new WordPress theme, “Digg 3”. All else is as before🙂

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One response to “New Theme for site

  1. The Travesty of Preaching Only the Half-Truth!

    18/04/2009 at 7:00 pm

    Dear Friends at God is my Constant,
    It is 3:00a.m. in the morning and I have just located your site and am thrilled. I’ve been on it for 30 minutes, distracted from my goal tonight of getting my website live. I will have to pull myself away now, but save you in my very, very favorites.
    I just wanted to state “what I believe!”A few months ago, I got “stopped by the Lord” in Matthew 25. I believe I had a Rama word regarding the Wise and the Foolish virgins. Here were 10 woman, excited in anticiating Christ’s return for them. These were, however, what we could call “Bible carrying, churching going” unbelievers! They thought they believed, but….after Jesus came and open His door for the ones he came for, he left. When the dust settled…what a shocking site to see. Five…exactly 1/2 of the “Bible carrying, church going unbelievers” …had been left behind. My mind began to race.
    What about the millions of church goers who really have only been taught part of the truth!…they really were only taught “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ…and thou shalt be saved!” What if that had happened, and then they got settled in with a Pastor that didn’t want to step on anyones toes?
    What if no one had told them of the sincere confession of sin God is looking for , the repentance of sin, being baptised by submerssion (following Christ’s example,) about becoming a new creature.. “be ye the renewing of your mind…”Rom 12:2. about the importance God places on Agape Love…loving the unlovable, the down and out street person, the widows and orphans, the sick in prison. What if they did not know that Christ condemned to hell any and everyone who had not given a cup of water, a bite to eat, a helping hand, a piece of clothing to those in need. What if they did not know that, and yet they were totally confident they were going up with Christ, in the “First Class” trip, yet, if they were “tribulation saints.”.it would be their own blood that would pay their way , instead of Christ’s!
    There are millions and millions of “unsaved believers,” who now , naivley sit in Satan’s camp, totally deceived by him. This is a travesty of unequalled value. They are as lambs led to slaughter. My heart is grieved, my heart is angered, my heart is now driven to “go in after them” and pull them out by the skin of their teeth.
    This is what I believe. The church has been failing their sheep. Thank God for your ministry, who will help get them on the right track. May God be with you in your ministry.
    Patti Mann, Mann Evangelical Ministries
    Haleyville, AL


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