NAAW Adoption Myths – Summary

03 Nov

National Adoption Awareness Week Adoption Myths – Summary

1 – Adopted Children are Lucky
2 – Adoptive Parents are Saints
3 – Adoption is a Second Best Option
4 – They’re Aussies Now!
5 – Adoption is Buying a Baby
6 – Celebrities Can Fast Track the Process of Adoption
7 – Adoption is About Providing Rich Infertile Couples with Children
8 – You Have to be Rich to Adopt
9 – Love is Enough in Parenting an Adopted Child
10 – Birth Mothers Get On With Their Lives after Giving a Child Up


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2 responses to “NAAW Adoption Myths – Summary

  1. joon

    09/11/2008 at 10:08 pm

    If you want to know more about National Adoption Awareness Week – go to

    Cheers : ) xx


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